investment trust

Our mission is to construct and deliver customized Trust solutions that meet the needs of our corporate clients. We possess significant expertise and experience in all areas of Corporate Trust including security trusteeship of project finance, syndicated loans, club lending and bond issues.

Loan Syndication

Different lenders are brought together under one single and uniform loan document to safeguard the interests of all parties as well as lowering costs on the part of the borrowers. RTL comes in to act as a neutral party / Trustee and ensure that the terms of agreements as contained in the Trust Deed is adhered to.

Corporate Bonds

The Nigerian Law requires that a Trustee be appointed to cater to the interest of investors when a company is desirous of raising capital through the issuance of bonds. RTL acting the capacity of a Trustee will undertake the functions of a neutral party in the transaction, protecting the bond holders and act in accordance to the terms of the Trust Deed.

Escrow Agency

For every time a company has the need to transact with another and involves giving of assets as collateral for financial services, RTL can act as a neutral party thereby holding such assets and property in trust till the transaction is completed satisfactorily to the parties involved or appropriate instructions given.

Share Warehousing

This occurs when a company decides to transfer some or all of its shares to a Trustee for the benefit of Beneficiaries named in the Trust Deed upon the fulfilment of a certain condition. It could also come in as an incentive wherein the Company gives shares to its employees on the fulfilment of certain conditions as agreed upon. RTL as Trustees would then hold the shares pending when such conditions laid down is fulfilled.