Radix Trustees Limited

RTL School Educational Trust

Radix Trustees Limited School Educational Trust is created for school owners/proprietors to make daily or weekly savings towards a mid or long-term investment with attractive returns for the benefit of the school.

The school Education trust plan offers your school and the parents a unique opportunity to make smart investment plans to take care of certain unique projects being embarked upon by the school. Our team of investment professionals are set to partner with you to understand your varying needs, desires and objectives, and deliver a solution that best fits your expectation.
Guaranteed target contributions towards a particular project or event.

Minimum startup contribution of N5,000,000.

Allows for flexible target contribution plans and no penalty on default-Daily, Weekly or Monthly as determined by the settlor.

Online access to view account.

The plan is target towards particular projects or events and cannot be liquated before maturity. (An agreed penalty fee of 40% will be charged on interest on liquation before maturity) The Fund shall be locked up for an initial period of 90days before withdrawals can be made.

Third-Party will not have access to the trust including your creditors.

Minimum subsequent contributions as determined by the Settlor.

Maturity is tied to the fulfilment of the object of the Trust or as may be otherwise directed by the Settlor.

Trust fund professionally managed to generate competitive returns.

The School can access up to 50% of the Trust sum after a period of 3 years (or earlier period) as may be agreed, for funding of dully approved school projects.

Periodic reports of Fund under management.

It is Tax efficient.

The scheme can be set up for unconceptualized future projects.

Investments can serve as cash-backed security to access liquidity.

Relationship Managers can be reached 24/7 through the following medium: mobile phones, WhatsApp, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Apply Online or download the form and fill as appropriate.

Send the completed form and supporting documents: Passport Photograph; copy of your valid identification (e.g. International Passport, Driver’s License, Nigerian Voter’s card); Specimen signature; and, Utility Bill to info@radixtrustees.com.


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