A Charitable Trust is a plan made specifically to cater to needs that have been deemed under the law charitable. – relief of poverty, community development, promotion of health, advancement of education, social engagements. By setting up a Charitable Trust you can help ensure that the payment of regular income to your chosen charity is managed according to your wishes. RTL brings to bare its impartiality, skill, experience in setting up and administering Charitable Trusts.


  • Mainly for charitable purposes and public benefit
  • It is suitable for non-profit organizations
  • It is backed by a Trust Deed at a fee
  • Safe custody and Management of Fund
  • Donations can come from anyone
  • Subscription will be based on agreed sum.


  • Offers anonymity to make donations
  • Competitive rate on Investments
  • Incorporation of NGO and setting up a Board of Trustee is unnecessary under this plan
  • It is a tool for diversifying large holdings.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality by the Trustee
  • Significant tax reliefs
  • Affords one life after life (continuity)
  • It guarantees disbursement of funds from the donor(s) are channeled to functional project partners and also monitors implementation and execution of project in focus
  • The chosen name of a Charitable Trust can be preserved in perpetuity and the Trust structured in a way that allows the Trustees to grow the fund through investment or by compounding part of the income. A charity may not have the expertise or desire to grow their capital or assets, thereby losing out on smarter financial benefits
  • Money can be given or lent to a charitable Trust.
  • Gifts can be made of any amount to the trust without having to incur any duties.