investment trust

It is an arrangement where a Nominator gives a Trustee a written directive to hold assets for the benefit of the Beneficiaries that have been nominated.


  • A written directive to the Trustee stating the proportion of benefit that will be paid to those that are nominated
  • It must be sent to the Trustee and as such the nomination will however not be valid until it is handed over.
  • Does not require a Trust Deed


  • Easy transfer of funds to the Beneficiaries in the event of ones’ demise
  • Guaranteed efficient tax plan
  • Competitive returns on investment of funds
  • No need for probate in the event of demise or incapacitation of Nominator
  • Secondary Beneficiary rights are immediately activated upon demise of Nominator
  • Valid execution of instructions given by Nominator is binding on the Trustee
  • The interests of the Beneficiaries who stand to benefit from the investment would be protected
  • Beneficiaries can easily migrate to other Products
  • Beneficiaries get their benefits without delay.