Happy family

A family Trust is created to benefit persons who are related to one another by blood, affinity or law. This trust can be established by a family member for the benefit of the members of a family group. It further acts as an instrument to pass on the assets to future generations.


  • It is backed by a Trust Deed which attracts a fee
  • Subscription would be on agreement basis and the peculiar needs of the family.
  • Safe custody of Fund.


  • Secure financial safety for dependents
  • Competitive rates on Return on investment
  • Erect structure which can perpetuate a present fortune through the uncertainties of the future
  • Limitation of exposure to estate taxes.
  • Avoidance of arbitrary spending
  • Protection against relationship property claims
  • Creditor protection.
  • Avoidance of legal challenges of asset dispersal.
  • Protecting assets for future generations from potential tax law changes.
  • Reducing or preventing claims against Settlor’s estate.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality provided by the Trustee

General flexibility to deal with law changes.