Radix Trustees Limited

Radix Diaspora Trust Fund (RDTF)

This product is designed to provide highly-secured and reliable investment options for Nigerians in the diaspora, including fund investments in Naira, Dollar-denominated instruments, and acquisition of all types of assets.

Have you thought of owning a house in Nigeria while leaving abroad or do you have projects you will like to achieve for your family and communities in Nigeria, but limited by the fear of Land scammers and people not keeping to their words? Then this service is for you.

The Radix Diaspora trust is intended to help you plan and execute diverse projects in Nigeria from whichever country you are domiciled in. As a Trust company, we are familiar with the hassles associated with planning and executing projects while abroad and have decided to help by ensuring projects can be executed successfully without the risk of losing money to agents, scammers and even family members.

It offers our client the opportunity to allocate responsibilities and management of assets to Radix Trustees, who in turn represent and protect their interest while ensuring that their desires and objectives are achieved.

A minimum investment sum of $10,000 or N5million is required to open the account.

Online access to view account and projects being embarked upon.

Option of a lump sum or flexible weekly or monthly fixed contributions over time, or even a standing payment order through your bank.

Investment is targeted toward the acquisition of real estate investments (Land purchase, building construction and finished/completed building] and cannot be liquidated before maturity or completion of the project.

Third-Party will not have access to the trust including your creditors.

Transactions undertaken under the Trust are subject to a pre-agreed investment template that would be drawn up in a legally binding document called a Trust deed.

Attractive and Competitive return as the investment will be managed by a team of investment experts.

Funds may be availed directly to the beneficiary or third party as instructed on the trust deed.

Discretion of the Trust and safety of assets are duly preserved.

Confidentiality of the Trust and Assets are preserved and protected.

This product relieves settlor of any stress and anxieties often experienced in undertaking investment back home while abroad.

Funds can either be invested in USD or Naira denominated assets at the preference of the client.

The investment is assured in line with your mandate/instruction.

A trust deed is prepared at a fee.

Management of your assets while alive and upon demise.

Asset distribution and speedy transfer of assets to heirs or beneficiaries in the advent of the demise of the settlor.

Performance reporting as the settlor is kept up-to-date through periodic reporting on the investment on a quarterly basis.

For real estate investments (Land purchase or building construction] such will be undertaken and carefully supervised by our real estate developers and partners leveraging on other professionals and accredited business partners.

Investment can serve as a hedge against the devaluation of the currency as investments are dollar-denominated.

Provides a tax-effective structure.

Apply Online or download the form and fill as appropriate.

Send the completed form and supporting documents: Passport Photograph; copy of your valid identification (e.g. International Passport, Driver’s License, Nigerian Voter’s card); Specimen signature; and, Utility Bill to info@radixtrustees.com.


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