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Public Trust

We act as Trustees to Unit Trust & Mutual Fund transactions, Government/Municipal Bond issue as well as in managing & administering financial assets and securities.
“A Public Trust is a critical ingredient for social cooperation and market efficiency, and a cause for deep concern when it is absent or threatened.  It is inevitably the degree to which the public believes that businesses will act given certain conditions considering that such business has included the public’s interests into its own”.

– Financial Times Lexicon.

It is typical of governments and corporations to issue Bonds in order to raise funds for a bevy of activities or projects. RTL serves as Bond Trustees, representing the interest of bondholders by ensuring that the instructions per the terms of the Trust Deed are duly implemented.

Government bonds do require that a Trust company holds the security and perform administrative functions that are required based on the conditions for the bond in line with set laws.  RTL’s services is not limited to the following:

    • Invoice the issuer for debt service payments and holding in Trust funds until dispersed
    • Represent the interest of all bond holders in the event of a default
    • Manage the Sinking Fund which is required per terms of the Bond
    • Coordinating all accounts related to the issued bond
    • Maintain a list of all bond holders.
    • Any other duty as may arise to achieve set objectives.

A Reserve Fund is a savings or other highly liquid asset set aside by a business or government to meet any future costs or financial obligation. It is set up to pay for an unforeseen occurrence in the future. Reserve funds are meant to be typically held in escrow and this is a service that RTL can provide.


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