What is Estate Planning?

It is a legal process via which you structure what you own in such a manner that enables you to maximally enjoy it when you are there and transit same to your Beneficiaries in your absence, with minimal crises. Estate planning is a requirement for anyone who wants to ensure that their families and loved ones are provided for adequately. It is equally essential for anyone who wishes to control the disposition of their assets after their death, and to minimize the tax bite imposed by government.

Estate Planning goes beyond disposition of properties. It entails succession planning, both for your private and business affairs. Many businesses have, today, hit the rock, as a result of the demise or incapacity of the original owners. Many Estates are also locked up in litigation and acrimony due to the failure of the Estate Owner to plan his Estate in his lifetime.

The need to assess your current status thus informs this Questionnaire which will assist in the diagnosis of your state of health in this regard. Now, all you need do is answer Yes, No and Not sure.

Be rest assured that the purpose of this questionnaire is to provide a wide range of information about you and your family; it will help RTL to properly advise you regarding your Estate Plan

If you are uncertain about any question, just answer Not sure and move over to the next question

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